Our Instructional Values

Instructional Values that Impact RMCA’s Curriculum Choices

At RMCA, our core beliefs about instruction drive what happens in our classrooms. These instructional values guide our curricular decision making.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). Therefore spiritual formation and intellectual development are not mutually exclusive. All subject matter is taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview. Biblical faith, precepts and principles are integrated into learning and activities.

The classical Trivium promotes intellectual development. Therefore, teachers grow in the understanding and application of classical practices.

Growth and learning is the aim of education. Therefore students are active participants in the learning process, not passive recipients of information. Teachers model growth and learning before their students.

Subject matter is interrelated. Therefore, subjects are naturally integrated and multidisciplinary approaches to learning are used when appropriate.

Teachers are instructional and moral authorities. Therefore, they purposefully and systematically guide and direct the learning of their students while modeling the highest Christian virtues.

The preservation of innocence cultivates healthy social and emotional development. Therefore, instruction and subject matter are age-appropriate.

Students possess differing learning styles and intelligences. Therefore teachers engage students in a variety of activities and utilize varying teaching methods and materials.

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